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Our residential training programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives









“Sho says he did much better on the harder French exams than he otherwise would have done if not for his time with you in Rix.

 We think that's fantastic and a much bigger boost than we were hoping for.  Best of all, he seems to be a bit more confident in the subject and does not dread it quite so much.”

You may be planning to spend more time in France or be considering expatriating or purchasing, renovating a holiday home in France. You may want to give your children the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the French language and gain self confidence in speaking French.  Whatever your motivations there are often times when you need more than the language to help you along the way.

Tailored face-to-face French language and culture training in residence

Our relaxed and enjoyable training programmes that completely immerse you in the French language and culture are specially designed to help you improve your knowledge in French language and culture, rapidly understand and confidently speak French.

Our bespoke services for all include

  • Introduction to French life and culture
  • Assistance and language development in advance of buying a holiday home
  • Language development in advance of spending more time in France;
  • Preparation for expatriation. With 22 years living abroad (Cameroon, Switzerland and England), Christine Mercier understands yours and your family’s needs and concerns.

Programmes Include both formal and informal training combining classroom style learning with real life French experiences such as shopping, visit to estate agency, walking, cultural and tourist visits, all designed to match your particular interests.

And why not just enjoy a relaxing family holiday at Rix Mill cottage ( and allow your children to benefit from Christine's expertise in French language teaching, improve their knowledge and boost their self-confidence?

Our bespoke services for students include

  • Revisions based on curriculum
  • Preparation of exams

Programmes Include both formal and informal training combining classroom style learning with real day-to-day life French experiences such as shopping, cultural and tourist visits and activities, all designed to match their particular interests.

Tailored assistance in communication

CMC French also provides communication assistance services ensuring efficient communication with French administration, suppliers or contractors.

Our bespoke services include:

  • Phone  calls
  •  Writing and translation of emails or letters

Whatever your particular requirements let us know what you need to achieve and we’ll help you be successful.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be pleased to discuss the best programme for you. Contact us here