Bespoke  French Services
for Corporates and
Business Professionals

Photography © Max McClure

Our residential training programmes &
translation services are tailored
to meet your specific
needs and objectives

Tailored face-to-face French language and culture training for Corporates and Business Professionals

You may have a business project that requires communicating with French professionals or be considering expatriating. Whatever your motivations there are often times when you need more than the language to help you along the way.

Our bespoke French Training and Consultancy services include:

  • Preparation for a specific negotiation
  • Training for a conference, presentation or talk
  • Preparation for a customer meeting or proposal
  • Upgrading knowledege of French language to match business needs
  • ...

Formal and informal training combining face-to-face classroom style learning alternating with real life French experiences such as business, cultural and tourist visits, shopping, walking, all designed to match your particular interests, allow you to quickly and efficiently improve your understanding and give you many opportunities to speak French.

CMC French also provides services - such as phone calls, writing and translation of emails and letters - ensuring efficient communication between French and English speaking professionnals. 

  • Professional English to French Language Translations

You probably have a specific event that you need to prepare for or a document, proposal or presentation that you need to be confident conveys your message expertly and in native French.

Christine Mercier is a professional, experienced translator (English to French) and has a wealth of business experience. She takes the time to fully understand your business objectives and ensure your translation fully and expertly conveys your message, helping you achieve your objective and presenting your business in the best possible light.

  • Preparation for expatriation

If you are planning to relocate to France, this is the ideal expatriation training programme for you.

Our objective is to provide you with all the French language skills and information you need to get started in France (an introduction to French social security, health, transport, housing and school system,…)

Programmes Include both formal and informal training combining face-to-face classroom style learning with real life French experiences such as shopping, visits to estate agencies, walking, cultural and tourist visits, all designed to match your particular interests.

With 22 years expatriation (Cameroon, Switzerland and England), Christine Mercier understands your business and personal needs, as well as your family’s needs and concerns.

Whatever your particular requirements let us know what you need to achieve and we’ll help you be successful.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be pleased to discuss the best programme for you. Contact us here